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eMBDS: The first online fully-accredited Master Degree in Computer Science in Europe based on MOOCs.

You can get a fully-accredited European Master Degree in Computer Science based upon MOOC with Oracle University as a key professional partner.


Two learning platforms are involved for eMBDS through Datum Academy :

-      FUN for 7 academic eMBDS MOOCs : Big Data management (from Data bases to big Data), Web Programming, NFC programming, Machine learning and Deep Learning, Hadoop and Blockchain, Mobile programming, Agile management with Scrum

-      Oracle University for 6 Oracle courses (among 15) from a special eMBDS subscription validated by Datum Academy as an OAER (Oracle Authorized Education Reseller)


Global eMBDS master cost is 5 500 € (plus university fees which are less than 500 € for EC students and might vary in 2019-2020 for non-EC students or employees)


You can enroll and  transfer know-how for any course (for example an Oracle certification) to get a waiver/credit for some eMBDS courses


Besides eMBDS, Datum Academy offer individual Moocs from eMBDS with certifications at 1100 Euros (Courses are free on FUN) and MOOC packages from eMBDS  (3 courses at 2200 Euros) on specific know how : “BIG DATA ARCHITECT” and “WEB and MOBILE PROGRAMMING”. In these latter cases an Oracle course with its certification is provided from Oracle WDP to get a professional bundle.


Any academic course from eMBDS could be certified by ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) like the complete master eMBDS.


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